Electronic Census

Electronic Census of PopulationHousings and Establishments 2020

On May 6th 2015 Royal Decree No. 15/2015 was issued to conduct an electronic census for population housings and establishments for the year 2020 through a system that integrated all statistical data. This system will be available to various national administrative registers and will electronically link them for continuous updates.

The system will be responsible for providing indicators and statistical reports in accordance with international standards that will serve the Sultanate’s development objectives.

The E-Census 2020 is the fourth census to be implemented by the Sultanate since the Renaissance. The previous censuses were based on field survey the most recent being in 2010.

Register-Based Census:

The register-based census aims at providing official statistics depending entirely on the administrative sources of the Omani governmental authorities and companies as well as stakeholders from the private sector. The data will be collected then processed based on statistical classifications and best practices.


  • Information Management for Sustainable Development


  • Building A Platform for Up-to-date Information

E-Census 2020 Objectives

The E-Census 2020 aims to disseminate statistics and indicators by the end of 2020 thereby providing decision makers with timely and accurate data. This data will include all information related to population housings and establishments. This objective will be achieved by implementing the following:

High quality national database

Integrated and electronically linked data registers

Comprehensiveness of all data related to population housings and establishments.

الهيكل النتظيمي ولجان عمل التعداد الإلكتروني 2020

يُمثل المرسوم السلطاني السامي رقم (2015/15) الصادر بتاريخ 17/ رجب /1436 الموافق 6 /مايو/ 2015 م الأساس القانوني لتنفيذ مشروع التعداد الإلكتروني للسكان والمساكن والمنشآت 2020 ، والذي بموجبه تم تشكيل فريق عمل يعنى بتنفيذ التعداد والذي يشمل اللجنة الوطنية العليا للتعداد ، واللجنة الفنية وفريق العمل التنفيذي و مجموعة من فرق العمل من الجهات الحكومية.