Community Participation

Your Data Your Identity

A nationwide campaign that encourages citizens residents and business owners to update their data at related authorities in the Sultanate.
Related authorities that will be a source of information for the project’s database will also participate in the ‘Your Data Your Identity’ campaign. Their role is to stress on the importance of updating data associated to them.
This will be carried out gradually through raising awareness on the kind of information that needs to be updated and completed as well as providing a background on procedures and required documents.
The campaign will help in finalising the project’s data matching phase as well as ensure its accuracy and comprehensiveness to establish an integrated and electronically linked database. This will support the Sultanate’s socio-economic development plans.

Individuals’ Role in E-Census 2020:

E-Census 2020 aims to establish channels for continuous social communication by updating data in the registers related to population housings and establishments:

  • Residence (current)
  • Educational level
  • Employment status
  • Marital status
  • Electricity account data
  • Business record status
  • Lease contracts
  • Municipal license

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